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VW Hire Company

Option 1

per year
  • 1 VW hire page advert 200 words max
  • 1 Advert Photo/logo 180px X 179px
  • Free ClassicVolks Facebook shares
  • Free subscription to our Newsletter
  • Link to your own company website

VW Hire Company

Option 2

per year
  • All of Option 1 plus more..
  • Own company Web-page on our site
  • 10 extra Photos for your web-page
  • 1000 words on your hire range
  • Free Advertising via our social media

Homepage Advertising

Option 3

per year
  • Limited availability *act now
  • Your choice Image/logo 311px X 161px
  • Free Social Media coverage
  • Option to sponsor our VW Show
  • Free subscription to our Newsletter

Website Advertising

Option 4

per year
  • Your choice of Image/logo *limited size
  • Your choice of page *not homepage
  • Free Social media coverage
  • 3 Alterations to placement
  • Free subscription to our Newsletter

About Our Advertising deals

Few people in business need convincing about the benefits of advertising so we've listed our options below plus all our current deals can be explained on request by email. Our Contact Page takes the hassle out of getting in touch with us. Do have a look further below on the options available to you; and browse our website to see which web page would suit your company best.

Advertising is one of those interesting ventures because for one thing it adds immediate credibility to your company. Interestingly the perception when you advertise is almost always that your business is growing and doing well; instilling it's own benefit of attracting yet more business. By helping you achieve your advertising goals, we hope to gain further growth; it's a win-win prospect!

Advertising rates image.
Advertising rates image.

Advertising Tip

At its best, advertising is still seen to be an industry that holds real potential for change; the creativity of the people involved combined with the might and spend of brands is a powerful force.

Great Support

We do our best to help in whatever way we can. If you cannot find the information you were looking for, simply get in touch by email and let's see what we can do to help.

Affordable Advertising

Make no mistake, advertising your business in varied and multiple ways is good business sense. We advertise our business using multiple outlets and can therefore expose your brand to new audiences.

Social Media Support

We can help you get your business interest thanks to our own targeted Facebook and Twitter announcements to our followers (over 710,000 on Facebook alone, and growing fast) featuring your VW business. Your VW company can be mentioned in our Tweets and Facebook updates as part of our own regular Classic Volks social media marketing effort.

Online Advertising

Web Awareness

If you’re of the belief that advertising online is wasting your ad budget, think again.

Advertising online provides you a chance to easily reach millions of customers with minimum effort. Simply put, we won't stop working to be the best - get in touch. All we need is an idea of which page suits your VW service and we'll help you with the rest.

Web Marketing

Your ads can be working for you 24 hours a day. The options are practically limitless when it comes to your reach capabilities when you take your campaign online.

Our 2017 advertising campaign is by far one of the most affordable effort yet. Act now - you won't regret it.