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Are watercooled vehicles allowed into the show?

Yes! - Everyone is welcome to attend the show. We want everyone to come and enjoy seeing classic volkswagens at our Aircooled Field of Dreams VW show. Aircooled camping is strictly for Aircooled vehicles as they are parked within the show area; to form part of the shows theme. The General camping area is as it sounds, a mixture of aircooled, watercooled or whatever you arrive to the show in. Besides, we also know that many aircooled owners own watercooled Volkswagens, or simply just wish to camp with friends who do not own an aircooled Volkswagen.

Can I bring my dog(s) to the 2017 show?

Yes! - Well behaved dogs are more than welcome, they are your responsibility and MUST be kept on a lead at all times and cleaned up after. Be aware, you could be evicted from the show without a refund being issued, if your dog/pet endangers other members of the public and/or other dogs/pets at the show.

Do I need to buy tickets in advance?

We recommend that you do as it benefits us both. You save money by buying in advance plus you will be allowed earlier entry to the showground with pre-booked tickets. For local traffic management, pre-booked ticket holders will be allowed entry at 2:00pm on Friday 1st Sept., while on the gate ticket sales start later at 6:00pm that day. Another benefit for you is that tickets purchased at the gate are more expensive than those bought ahead of time on-line. For us, we can gain an insight into how many to expect and we're thus better able to plan ahead of time and for instance improve the facilities and number of traders on offer etc.

Where is the show How do I get there?

Escrick Park Estate, York, YO19 6EA - The post code given here should get you right there. Why not have a look online using for instance Google Maps or your SatNav using the Post Code listed (YO19 6EA). You should find that you arrive towards the show ground via the A19 (towards the town of Escrick, York). As you get closer, road signs to the show are provided. Please plan ahead, visit the Field of Dreams Facebook page or email us (days not hours before) if you are still unsure.

When will my Tickets Arrive?

Emailed directly to you when payment online is completed - Please check your Junk Mail Folder. At times, because you may not have contacted us before, your email provider may think our email (of your tickets) is spam/junk and place our email to you in your Junk Folder. If after checking, you still cannot find our email of the tickets; There is no need to worry. Everything is logged in our state-of-the-art payment processing system. Simply get in touch with us via either: Facebook, email, or even Twitter and we will help resolve the issue. PRINT AND TAKE YOUR TICKET(s) WITH YOU TO THE SHOW.

Will there be on-site First Aid and Security?

Yes to both - Your safety and well-being is important to us. Our First Aid and Security members are on-site day and night throughout the duration of the event, helping to ensure everyone enjoys the weekend safely.

Are Fires allowed?

NO; NO GROUND FIRES! - We can only keep using this show-ground if we abide by the rules given to us. Escrick Park Estate does not allow for fire damage done to their grounds. Please help us to keep the show going by simply finding other ways to keep warm; come and dance with us in the main tent! Please no fires / do not burn any part of where you are camped.

What about BBQ's, are they allowed?

ON ONE CONDITION - it does not burn the grass! - We know from previous years that we can rely on you to act responsibly. Do not for instance, use a disposable BBQ on the ground. It will burn the ground beneath it. If you have a BBQ which is raised high enough away from the ground - that's fine. Our security team will only eject those who deliberately ignore our request and risk the future of the show for us all.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes you can - Though you probably won't need to. We have an on-site bar and a range of spirits, flavoured cider, ales provided around the show ground; all priced to keep you happy.

What about alcohol in the main tent area?

Good question; read on.. - A bar is provided inside. Also note that for your own safety and others when on the main show ground, do not drink from/walk around with glass bottles - transfer your drink to a plastic cup. Please also be aware, for your safety and that of others, bottles are NOT allowed into the show tent at any time.

Can we play our own music at night?

Yes; with the usual respect for other campers. - Remember this is a chilled out, family friendly camping weekend. Music during the day and evening is fine in all camping areas. At the end of the main show, some will want to keep partying at their camp area, some will just want to go to sleep. Keep it relaxed, respectful and everything is fine. Be noisy and disruptive, and our security team will first ask and expect you to 'keep it down'. We would not want to, but we reserve the right to eject anyone from the show ground (without refund) if continued requests to comply with the show rules are ignored.

What's the rules for the Show n Shine; how do I enter my car?

Aircooled VWs only! - Remember this is an Aircooled VW show. As such, only Aircooled VWs are allowed in the Show n Shine display which takes place on Sunday the 3rd September. It doesn't matter what condition your beloved dub is in - we all want to see it. No need to pre-book, simply drive your vehicle to the main show area before 10:30am. Event staff will be on hand to assist with 'where to park' and entry forms.

My club or friends have a mix of VW's, where do I book?

General camping - This area as the name suggests, accommodates the many who attend the show in non-vw cars and those who are in VW clubs which have a mixture of Aircooled and Watercooled VW's. The show is for everyone to enjoy so come along by whatever means you can. The Aircooled theme applies to the display and main show area.

Can I come just for the day?

Yes you can! - Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd Sept.2017 are both open to 'day only' visitors. Simply use the link provided to visit our Tickets for the show page and select the day ticket(s) you require.

I've got a few VW bits and bobs; can I sell them at the show?

Yes you can! - But how much stuff are you talking about? To Trade at the show, you need to be approved by us and have paid for your required trade pitch. Got a handfull of odds and ends? No problem or cost. Take them with you and lay them out at your camp site for others to see. We actively encourage you to bring a few auto jumble VW bits to sell at your camp area, Free of charge. What we do not allow, is someone trying to 'trade' without paying or approval. If in doubt - just ask and avoid any hassle. info@classicvolks.com

When can I enter the show ground?

That depends; please read on - If you are booked to Trade at the show; you can enter at anytime after 11:00am on Friday the 16th Sept.

If you bought your ticket(s) online in advance to camp for the weekend; you can enter from 2:00pm on Friday 1st Sept.

For all others; tickets are available on the gate from 6:00pm -9:00pm on the Friday and from 9:00am on Saturday and Sunday morning.